Swim Lessons


The Severna Park Community Center’s swim program is based on well-regarded, nationally-accredited programs. Using a pediatrician-recommended, developmentally sound philosophy, we promote water safety, learning basic swim skills and stroke development through progressive, focused instruction. We cater to anyone interested in recreational or competitive swimming.​​

Our instructors are credentialed through the Red Cross Water Safety intructors, or have equivalent training and experience and attend in-house clinics to learn best practices, master new teaching techniques and share creative lesson plans.

Age: 6 months to 3 years.
Designed to help young children become comfortable in the water and instruct parents how to teach their children basic swimming and water safety skills. Swim diaper or tight fitting rubber pant required for all non-toilet trained children.

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Age: 6 – 17 years old
Refinement of the front crawl, back crawl and butterfly is the focus of this class. Breaststroke, flip turns, and long shallow dives are also introduced. Swimming for endurance is incorporated throughout the session.

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Age: 18+
Lessons are tailored to the needs of the group. Basic and developmental swimming skills are the focus.

Summer Saturday - Adult Swim Lessons (PPLP)
Summer Saturday - Adult Swim Lessons (SPCC)

Age: 3 – 14 years old
Lessons are tailored to the needs of the group. Basic swimming skills, stroke mechanics and water safety are the focus.

Home School Swim Lessons (PPLP)
Home School Swim Lessons (SPCC)

Severna Park Community Center Aquatics instructors are available for private lessons, individual, or a small group of up to three students. To arrange for private swim lessons, please complete the Private Swim Lesson Request or fill out a request form at the front desk. The program coordinator or an instructor will get back to you within 72 hours to discuss schedules, registration, and program fees.

Private swim lessons must be purchased at the front desk in advance of the scheduled date. Please check in at the front desk before each lesson.