What is Pickleball?

Open to athletes of all ages and abilities, pickleball is an active game played with a paddle and a whiffle ball on a court that has a net. Pickleball volleys like tennis and scores like badminton. A fast-growing sport throughout the U.S. with a governing body (USA Pickleball Association), regulations and tournaments, pickleball volleys like tennis and scores like badminton. At the Severna Park Community Center, we play for fun, fitness, and friendships.

Why you should join us:

  • It's a great aerobic workout
  • It's challenging and rewarding
  • You can develop new skills
  • Pickleballers are really neat people!
  • It's easy for all ages to play
  • And most of all....it's really fun!

Drop-In Pickleball
Choose from our drop-in times and pick whatever suits your schedule and comfort level best! Whether you choose to use a single-use pass ($9/player/session) or a Pickleball Pass (15 plays for $85.50), get out on the floor and play to your heart's content!

April Drop-In Pickleball Schedule

Reserve a time (reservations are not required)

**Please note that the scheduling system Play Time, is not used at the Severna Park Community Center. If you want to reserve space on the court all scheduling needs to be done through EZ Facility.  

Pickleball Clinics

Intro to Pickleball with Tom Shupe

April 15 | April 22 | April 29

9:00-10:30 am | Pickleball Clinic

10:30-11:00 am | Practice Time

This introductory session is for people who have never played pickleball but are ready to give it a try.
​It’s a great opportunity to play the game everyone is talking about in this 90-minute class. All equipment will be provided.
Students will learn the basics including:

  • serving
  • dinking
  • scoring
  • rules

Register for April 15th

Register for April 22nd

Register for April 29th


Intermediate Pickleball Clinic with Tom Shupe

9:00 - 10:30 am

  • April 12 | Playing as a Team - Register 
  • April 19 | Dinking with a Purpose - Register
  • April 26 | The Art of Serving and Returning - Register 

Pickleball Donor Club

There are valuable benefits of membership to the Pickleball Donor Club. Your membership can be purchased for either an individual or couple, and if a couple, benefits extend to both. And unlike other clubs, your $100 membership contribution is fully tax-deductible and supports important center programs. Beyond supporting the center where you play, benefits include:
Discounted Pickleball Punch Card
Drop-in pickleball costs $7 instead of $9 per session, and where a regular 15-play punch card is $85.50, club members pay just $75!
Discounted passes can be purchased at the front desk.
Priority Notification
Members are notified first of Pickleball Skills Clinics and have priority access for these training events.
Annual Skills Rating
Members receive an invitation to attend an annual skills rating by a professional pickleball instructor.
Annual Tax Deduction
Your membership will be recognized with a tax receipt for your $100 contribution from the Severna Park Community Center.