S.E.A.L.S Fitness

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Seals programs are offered to all abilities and are free to qualified registrants. Exercises can be modified to accommodate people in wheelchairs.

SEALS Group Fitness is tailored to individual needs and designed to build enthusiasm for exercise. Physical activity can improve brain health, manage weight, reduce risk of disease, strengthen bones an muscles, improve the ability to do everyday activities, and enhance emotional wellbeing.
Thursdays 4:30-5:30pm

SEALS Fitness Circuit Course (small group)- A group of personalized workout stations provide a series of exercises that target strength and cardiovascular health. A strong core and circulatory system leads to better balance, greater mobility, and is the foundation for overall health and fitness.
Friday 3:45-4:45 pm

To register for SEALS fitness classes, complete and forward the SEALS Group Fitness Registration to Christian at cfurry@spcommunitycenter.org 
Participants cannot begin classes until the registration form is received.