At the Severna Park Community Center's aquatic center, we provide programs and activities that improve and enrich family and community life. Our pools offer recreation, instruction, wellness, fitness, and rehabilitative programs through a welcoming and inclusive aquatic experience open to all.


About Our Pools

  • Water temperature: 83 degrees
  • Air temperature: 85 degrees
  • 6 lanes, 25 yards
  • Main pool ranges from 3-9 1/2 feet deep
  • Pool can be accessed via steps, pool ladders, and ADA pool access chair

We also provide the following equipment for use in both pools: Float belts, barbells, handbells, noodles, kick boards, pull buoys, life jackets, and swim vests.

​Wellspring, at The Center's Dyas Family Therapy Pool and Wellness Center, offers an array of aquatic programs, each designed with the goal of optimum wellness for every member of the community. Our main pool is also available for a variety of water exercise and wellness activities.

  • Water temperature: 89 degrees
  • Air temperature: 90 degrees
  • Therapy pool ranges from 3-8 feet deep, with a permanent section partitioned off by permanent hand bars in the 1-4 feet section
  • Pool can be accessed via steps, pool ladders, and ADA pool access chair

We also provide the following equipment for use in the therapy pool: float belts, barbells, hand barbells, noodles, kick boards, therapy aqua step, hand and foot resistance bells, toys, life jackets, and wrist and ankle weights. Onsite we have a transport chair, crutches, and transfer and gait belt. 

​Refunds & Cancellations

Refunds are not given unless a session is cancelled. Credits for medical conditions are considered and are only valid 12 months from the issue date. Individual classes cancelled due to inclement weather or pool maintenance/repair will be rescheduled.

Private Lesson Refund/Cancellation Policy

Both the instructor and person contracting the lessons must provide at least 24-hours’ notice to cancel a previously scheduled lesson. Except for extenuating circumstances, the swim lesson participant, or family of a minor, will be charged for the lesson if proper notice is not given.

Except for extenuating circumstance, if the instructor does not provide notice for cancelation, we will provide one makeup lesson plus one additional complimentary lesson with no charge to the participant if proper notice is not given.



  • Only authorized personnel are permitted in the office or at the water testing station.
  • All injuries occurring on site must be promptly reported to a manager.
  • No abusive or profound language or breach of peace is permitted on the Severna Park Community Center premises.
  • No pets of any kind, except service dogs, are permitted on the Severna Park Community Center premises.
  • Children 6 years and older are not permitted in opposite sex locker rooms.
  • Therapy locker rooms are for patrons 18 and older OR for those with special needs, regardless of age.
  • Use of training cords and other swim team props is strictly prohibited except for us under swim coach supervision.
  • No sitting, standing, or climbing on any apparatus, including but not limited to, stored lane lines, portable steps and lifeguard stands.
  • No glass, alcohol, food, or smoking in the facility.


  • Swimming is permitted only when a lifeguard is on duty.
  • A responsible adult 18 years-of-age or older must accompany children under the age of 13 at all times and be responsible for their behavior. The authorized person will be responsible for supervising the child/children at all times.
  • Individual(s) of any age who appear to lack adequate swimming skills may be required by a lifeguard to pass the following skills tests before being permitted to enter the water; o Swim successfully for 25 yards without stopping, and o Tread water for 1 minute.
  • Non-swimmers shall not be allowed in the pools unless with an instructor or authorized person with adequate swimming skills within arm’s length.
  • Parents/Caregivers of children with adequate swimming ability should have their eyes on their children at all times and not be distracted by other activities.
  • Non-toilet trained children and incontinent individuals must wear a swimming diaper or tight-fitting rubber pant. Disposable diapers and incontinence pads are not allowed.
  • In accordance with Maryland State Health regulations, diaper changing is not permitted on the pool decks.
  • Resistance equipment and aqua belts are not designed for children. Please do not allow children to use instructional equipment.
  • Inner tubes, armband floats or any other floatation device other than a United States Coast guard approved personal flotation device is not permitted.
  • Lifeguard whistle blasts signal problems. Stop what you are doing and look to the guard for instruction. Two short and one long whistle blast indicate an emergency.
  • To minimize oils and debris in the pools, please shower before entering the pools.
  • Proper swim attire is required.
  • Changing clothes on deck is not permitted.
  • No diving from the starting blocks, unless supervised by a certified swim coach or instructor, or from the pool deck in water less than 8 feet deep.
  • Steps and ladders must remain clear at all times.
  • No person shall conduct himself or herself in such a manner as to jeopardize the safety of themselves or others. Running, pushing, dunking, and horseplay are strictly prohibited in and around the pool.
  • Persons with skin diseases, open wounds, rashes, or any contagious conditions are not permitted in the pools.
  • In the event of thunder or lightning, the pool and pool deck will be cleared until 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightning is identified.
  • Pool closures due to bodily fluid exposure will be managed according to Anne Arundel County guidelines.
  • Only lap swimmers should be in the lanes designated for lap swimming. When swimming laps, please circle swim.
  • Do not cut across anyone’s lane unless you must use the exit ladders or stairs to enter or exit the pool.
  • Please consult pool schedules for general lane availability.
  • The lifeguard on duty has the authority to immediately dismiss any person who violates pool rules or acts in an unsafe manner.


  • Management, may at any time, and at his/her discretion, close the facility because of breakdown, operational difficulties, inclement weather, or for other good and sufficient reasons. Management’s decision is final.
  • Any person may be barred from the facility at the discretion of management, for any violation of the Rules & Regulations, or for any reason, which, in the judgment of management constitutes a hazard to him/herself or others. Action by management, under this paragraph, must be reported in writing to the Executive director within 72 consecutive hours for single violation. Patrons, against whom action is taken, may appeal to the Executive Director. Pending action of the appeal, violators must abide by the decision of management.
  • Management is empowered, upon written instructions from the Executive Director, to deprive any person of the use of any and all facilities for such a time as is ordered by the Executive Director.

Severna Park Swim Center may modify these regulations at any time.

Failure to adhere to Severna Park Community Center rules may result in a loss of pool privileges. Thank you for helping us provide a safe and enjoyable experience.

Open/Lap Swim, Wellspring Swim, and Water Fitness Classes

  • All patrons must purchase a single visit or multi visit pass and make a reservation to use the main pool, therapy pool or to attend a water fitness class. Reservations can be made up to two weeks in advance.
  • Passes are per individual and are not interchangeable. Each family pass visit must include a minimum of one adult and one child (under the age of 16) with visits being deducted from the pass for each individual family member swimming.
  • Reservations can be made online through your individual portal on EZ Facility or through our front desk staff. If you are a first-time user, please visit our front desk to set up your account and sign a one-time waiver. Review the pool schedules for available program times.
  • Passes are per individual and are not interchangeable, with the Family Pass being per family. Each Family Pass visit must include a minimum of one adult and one child (under age 16), with visits being deducted from the pass for each individual family member swimming.
  • Making a reservation 24 hours in advance is strongly encouraged. Classes and swim times with no reservations will be canceled the evening before.
  • 24 hours' notice is required to cancel a reservation. Swimmers will be charged if sufficient notice is not given.
  • Wellspring swim is for individuals 18 years and over, children 3 years or under, and private swim lessons, if approved by the Director of Programs and Partnerships. 
  • Non-toilet-trained children must wear a swim diaper or tight-fitting rubber pants.
  • Youth aged 12 and under must be accompanied and directly supervised by someone at least 18 years of age.
  • If at any time the lifeguard on duty determines the pool, or a portion of the pool, has become too crowded for the safety of our patrons, the lifeguard may refuse admittance to the pool.

Swim Lesson, Swim Team, S.E.A.L.S and Total Joint

  • All patrons must register to attend swim lessons, total joint classes, or swim team training sessions.
  • By registering for an aquatics class, you certify that you have read, understood & agreed to our registration policies and SPCC waiver. 

Click here to download the Main Pool Schedule April 8-14 

Click here to download the Therapy Pool Schedule April 8-14