Sarah Elder

Position: Executive Director

Sarah Elder is the dedicated and accomplished Executive Director of the Severna Park Community Center. With over twenty-five years of executive nonprofit experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role.

Born and raised in Anne Arundel County, Sarah has always been deeply connected to her community. Her impressive resume includes leadership positions at esteemed local nonprofits such as the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, National Aquarium in Baltimore, Chesapeake Conservancy, Historic Annapolis Foundation, and the American Urological Association Foundation. Through her work in fundraising, operations, marketing, and program development, Sarah has made a significant impact on these organizations and the community at large.

In 2015, Sarah earned her Executive Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership from Duke University, further cementing her commitment to continuous professional growth and excellence.

Sarah’s passion for the arts extends beyond her professional life. Growing up as one of five girls in a family closely tied to the United States Naval Academy, she and her sisters formed a string quartet, performing at family reunions and church services. As a young adult, she played an integral role in establishing the Severna Park Evangelical Presbyterian Church as a Sunday School teacher.

Outside of her work and community involvement, Sarah indulges in her creative side by exploring flea markets, antique shows, and craft fairs. Her keen eye for unique finds fuels her jewelry-making pastime, allowing her to channel her artistic expression.

As the Executive Director of the Severna Park Community Center, Sarah Elder continues to make a lasting impact on the community she calls home. With her extensive experience, passion for service, and commitment to nurturing a thriving community, Sarah is a leader dedicated to empowering others and creating a brighter future for all.