Collette Campbell

Position: Development and Communications Manager

Collette is a dedicated and experienced member of our development and communications team at the Severna Park Community Center. Joining us in 2020, she quickly became an integral part of our organization, collaborating closely with Sarah and Amy on various community events, fundraising initiatives, and our highly anticipated annual gala.

With an extensive background in fundraising for the United Way, Collette brings exceptional expertise to her role. She effectively manages fundraising appeals, diligently tracks gifts, and ensures timely acknowledgements. Additionally, Collette excels at developing strategic timelines to deliver materials for community and fundraising events, contributing to the seamless execution of our initiatives.

Not only does Collette provide invaluable support to our Board of Directors by leveraging her administrative expertise, but she also handles governance actions with utmost professionalism. Her attention to detail and organizational skills are unmatched, making her an invaluable asset to our team.

Collette’s passion lies in collaborating with her amazing teammates to generate innovative ideas and strategies that empower us to achieve our fundraising and outreach goals. Her dedication and take- charge approach to supporting programs led to her well-deserved promotion to Development & Communications Manager in July, where she continues to make a significant impact on our organization.

Beyond her professional life, Collette finds joy in traveling with her loved ones and cherishing quality time with her furry family members. Her vibrant personality and well-rounded interests make her a delightful presence in and outside of the workplace.

We are truly fortunate to have Collette as a member of our team, and her unwavering commitment to our mission is inspiring.