Aaron Brown

Position: Director of Facilities

Aaron is an experienced professional with a diverse background in Real Estate and Facility Management. With over 20 years of industry expertise, he joined the Severna Park Community Center in May of 2022, bringing his valuable skills and knowledge to the team.

Aaron’s educational background includes graduating from Bowie State University, where he was not only a diligent student but also a trailblazer. As the founding president of the inaugural Chapter of the American Marketing Association, he showcased his leadership abilities and paved the way for future students. Additionally, his membership in the prestigious National Honor Society during his time at the university reflects his commitment to academic excellence.

Starting his career as a Government Event Manager for the Department of Defense, Aaron cultivated valuable experience in organizing and managing large-scale events. This eventually led him to venture into the real estate industry, where he has excelled in various roles including property management, multi-unit ownership, and project management.

When Aaron isn’t dedicating himself to his professional endeavors, he prioritizes quality time with his daughter. He cherishes their bond and actively seeks opportunities to create lasting memories. In his leisure time, Aaron finds solace in fishing the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries, connecting with nature while honing his angling skills. He also has a passion for gardening and takes pride in nurturing plants and watching them flourish. Furthermore, he enjoys expanding his knowledge through the learning process and finds fascination in good documentaries.

As a resident of the local community, Aaron holds a deep appreciation for the area’s traditions. He eagerly anticipates events such as the Earleigh Heights Carnival, where the community comes together to celebrate and create joyful memories. Additionally, he enthusiastically participates in the Maryland State Police Polar Bear plunge, showcasing his adventurous spirit and willingness to support charitable causes.

With his extensive professional background, commitment to personal growth, and active involvement in community traditions, Aaron is a valuable addition to the Severna Park Community Center. His expertise and dedication will undoubtedly contribute to the success and growth of the organization.