SPCC is a multi-use facility with many rooms in use at the same time. This can impact parking and create movement and noise in the building. We provide tables and chairs at no charge. We offer Custodial support whenever the building is open. We have front desk staff on hand to help your guests and participants find your party or event! We book in half hour and one hour increments. You must reserve and pay for any set-up and clean-up time but we will make every effort to have the room “set-up & ready” when you arrive.

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Room Name/Location (click on room to learn more)
M1 Meeting room-Main level
M2 Meeting room-Main level
M3 Meeting room-Main level
L50 Gymnasium-Lower level
L51 Activity Room-Lower level
L52 Dance Studio-Lower level
L53 Activity Room-Lower level

Holy Grounds Youth Center  (separate building with patio)

Main Pool (25 yards)
Therapy Pool
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